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Get high-speed fibre broadband from R399pm x 24. Now available in over 1600 locations.

Turn Your Home Or Business Into A Fully Connected Wi-Fi Hotspot

It’s reliable, affordable and faster than you’ve ever experienced the internet

telkom fibre internet

Fibre optic cables make the experience more reliable, safer and more durable

Fast uploads and downloads means less time waiting for web pages, files, videos and emails to load


Fast Speeds

Boltspeed fibre
Telkom FTTH

Reliable Connection

Catch up on TV shows and movies anytime with ShowMax or Netflix - no buffering

Connect all your devices including home entertainment, home security and cloud devices


uncapped fibre

Now available in over 1600 locations nationally!

Select The Right Telkom Fibre Package Based On Your Data Needs

Telkom FIBRE packages are valid until the 31st of May 2017

PM x 24


PM x 24

  • 10Mbps download 
  • Upload = 25% of download  
  • 100 GB data
  • Free night surfer*

PM x 24



PM x 24

PM x 24

Capped fibre packages

  • 20Mbps download 
  • Upload = 25% of download  
  • 100 GB data
  • Free night surfer*



  • 2Mbps download 
  • Upload = 25% of download  
  • 20 GB data
  • Free night surfer*

  • 40Mbps download 
  • Upload = 25% of download  
  • 200 GB data
  • Free night surfer*


  • 4Mbps download 
  • Upload = 25% of download  
  • 40 GB data
  • Free night surfer*

PM x 24

PM x 24


  • 8Mbps download 
  • Upload = 25% of download  
  • 100 GB data
  • Free night surfer*

  • 100Mbps download 
  • Upload = 25% of download  
  • 400 GB data
  • Free night surfer*

PM x 24

Meal Delivery

Uncapped Fibre Packages



telkom fibre hoods

PM x 24


PM x 24

PM x 24

PM x 24

  • Uncapped data
  • Up to 10Mbps Fibre line

4MB uncapped ftth
FTTH Coverage Map

  • Uncapped data
  • Up to 8Mbps Fibre line



PM x 24

  • Uncapped data
  • Up to 100Mbps Fibre line

  • Uncapped data
  • Up to 20Mbps Fibre line


  • Uncapped data
  • Up to 2Mbps Fibre line

uncapped fibre
cheapest uncapped



PM x 24

  • Uncapped data
  • Up to 4Mbps Fibre line

  • Uncapped data
  • Up to 40Mbps Fibre line


fibre coverage map
unlimted fibre internet
fibre wifi router

+ Included data - you can always top up if you reach your cap

+ FREE installation and setup

All Telkom Fibre Packages Include:

+ FREE Wi-Fi router to connect all your devices

+ FREE nightsurfer data - uncapped and unlimted data between midnight and 7am (great for back-ups and big downloads)

FREE Wi-Fi Router

How does the night surfer data work?

Fibre is the latest generation of internet technology offering increased stability and functionality, improved performance and faster network downlink and uplink speeds. Telkom is fast growing it's FTTH footprint and offers fast installation turnaround times and seamless upgrades for existing ADSL clients wanting to move to fibre.

What about my telephone number?

How long does installation take?

What hardware is included?

Installation time can take between 1-3 weeks days in fibre live areas or between 4-8 weeks in fibre ready areas. These times are estimated as there is often a backlog of physical installations due to the high demand so get your fibre application in early to avoid long waiting periods.

Why Telkom fibre?

Frequently Asked Questions

Telkom provides you with unlimited and uncapped night surfer data that you can use over and above your package allocated data during the hours of 12am-7am. E.G: If you take a 100GB package you will have 100GB anytime data that you can use during 7-am-12am and you will have uncapped data from 12am-7am. 

What speed can I expect?

A FREE Fibre Wi-Fi router is included in all 24 month fibre contracts. These routers have 4 LAN (ethernet ports) for cabled connections and also has built in Wi-Fi to create your own personal hotspot in your home or business. [Key Specs: 300Mbps wireless transfer speeds; 2.4GHz band; Wi-Fi 802.11n/b/g; WEP, WPA, WPA2, AES & TKIP security]

Telkom’s Fibre network supports downlink speed up to 100Mbps and uplink speed up to 25Mbps. Actual speeds depend on the package selected. EG: If you choose a 20Mbps line your download speed will be close to 20Mbps and your upload speed will be 25% of this, in other words 5Mbps.

If you have an existing Telkom telephone line and you would like to keep the number please indicate this on the application form. On all packages Telkom will automatically provision a voice port for you to just plug in a normal analogue phone at no extra cost and make calls at the normal Telkom rates. You can also add on your favourite Telkom calling plan on top of this.

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What Clients Say

Pat McKune

"I was sick of all the problems that came with ADSL so I upgraded to Fibre and now my internet is stable and really fast"

Lake Michelle, Noordhoek

"My best choice of late was to go with Telkom fibre (via DSL Telecom). The 1 to 1 service and support has been outstanding, and the package is loaded with benefits that outstrip the rest"

Somerset West

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